Kos island in Greece

Kos Greece

Kos or Cos is an island in the Aegean Sea belonging to Greece. It is a part of the group of islands in the Dodecanese (South Sporades) and has an area of about 290 km².

It is located next to the Gulf of Gökova and four miles away from the coast of the resort area of Bodrum in Turkey. The biggest settlement on the island is the Kos town. It is the administrative center and in its central part it is built up in many hotels for the numerous tourists that come to spend their holidays on the island.

Kos island is a big tourist center because of its natural beauty and wonderful climate. It is one of the most attractive and interesting islands in the Aegean sea in Greece that attracts thousants of visitors who are looking for Kos's beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, restaurants, dance clubs, bars, gift shops and sightseeings...

During the winters, on the island can be seen flamingos and during summers the sea turtles - Caretta- lay their eggs carriage. On the southern Mediterranean coast of the island seals are very common to be seen.

Kos has fertile plains, mountainous highlands and golden sandy beaches.
Some of the best beaches on the island are Lampi beach, Marmari, Psalidi, Agios Fokas, Thermes (best known for its hot medicinal springs for treating rheumatism and arthritis)and Tigaki (lovely sands and great for windsurfing).

Like many other Greek islands of the archipelagos, Kos is also mentioned in ancient Greek myths. One of them is associated with Hercules: When Hercules was returning after the Trojan War, the wife of Zeus - Hera - created a terrible storm, wanting to sink the Hercules' ship. The storm pushed the ship towards the island of Kos. Residents of Kos, thought that this is a pirate ship and began throwing stones at him, trying not to allow him to enter the bank. But Heracles succeed to reach the island during the night and killed the king of the island and destroyed everything that he could there. After Zeus realized what Hera made, he punished her in hanging between Heaven and Earth...